Killing rust on the letterpress

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Restoring an antique letterpress on For the Love of George

Love George letterpress rust kill-4264
I should have bought a bigger bottle of rust killer. Lesson learned.

Today I had a crack at getting the two chase rust-free. I think they have come up well. They’re not pristine, by any account, but they are looking much better. I also gave the flywheel a going over, and I can now touch it without getting dirty! Hurrah. Slow and steady, I am getting there.

I emailed a potential plate-maker this week, I haven’t heard back yet. And I’m yet to find a base supplier here in Australia. I really wish I could buy locally, but Boxcar Press in the U.S. seem to be the authority on the matter. Before I make a purchase, I need to decide between the standard and deep-relief options. They recommend the deep-relief for newbies (a higher, more raised impression and more forgiving), but the standard relief is crisper and sharper. They’re both the same price, and I know I’ll eventually want the standard relief once I’ve become a bit more experienced, it’s just whether I can justify forking out for the deep-relief and give myself a gentler learning curve.

Love George letterpress rust kill-4269
Love George letterpress rust kill-4270

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