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I have a deep dark pantry. Like most people, I suppose. Finding spices and herbs in little plastic bags or teeny tiny jars has always been a test of my patience. So when I ordered what I thought to be drink bottles for a party (yes, it’s all the rage), and they turned out to […]

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Crochet Confession #1 I have never worked with yarn finer than 8-ply, or a hook slimmer than 4mm. Which leads me to my next confession… Crochet Confession #2 I’ve never made a tension square before. I rarely work with patterns, and when I have, I’ve never bothered to test my tension. But since my next […]

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These two crazy beautiful people have just set off on their three-month-long honeymoon, six months after they said ‘I do’ in gorgeous New Zealand… which has led me to reminisce about that glorious day. Love you two, I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Mongolia/Iceland/Russia/Austria/UK/USA. xo  

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Ok, so the plan was to take lots of photos to show you this beanie in progress, but it’s just so darn quick, I was half-way through before I knew it. I’m pleased with how quickly I’m progressing, thanks to the 10-ply and 5mm crochet hook. Speaking of, have you tried the Clover Soft Touch […]