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Free Celebrity Baby Name Game download, perfect for my baby shower! – on For the Love of George

Perfect for your baby shower, the Celebrity Baby Name Game playing cards are available for free download below. A 2015 design with new celebrity couples and their baby names is now available! Guess Baby’s Birth Stats free printable is also available in the same style.


How to use

  1. Login or Register. See sidebar or visit the ‘My Account’ page.
  2. Download. Click on the download link below.
  3. Print. The PDF file is optimised for home or office printing (inkjet or laser). If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here. There are two playing cards per page (A4 and Letter page sizes available below). We recommend printing on thick paper (120-250gsm) for a lovely luxurious playing card. Select Actual size (not Fit) in the print dialog for even margins and easing cutting.
  4. Trim. Using the marks on the print, cut the page down the middle to make two playing cards, and trim the excess from the bottom margin. A cutting mat, metal ruler and scalpel or stanley knife is best, but scissors will do too.
  5. Save. Write down the answers so that you can determine a winner!
  6. Have fun!


The answers

1:A; 2:N; 3:L; 4:K; 5:M; 6:B; 7:D; 8:J; 9:C; 10:H; 11:F; 12:E; 13:I; 14:G.

1 Nicole Richie + Joel Madden A Sparrow James Midnight
2 Jennifer Garner + Ben Affleck N Violet Anne
3 Beyoncé Knowles + Jay-Z L Blue Ivy
4 Victoria Beckham + David Beckham K Harper Seven
5 Erykah Badu + Jay Electronica M Mars Merkaba
6 Juliette Norton + Jamie Oliver B Buddy Bear Maurice
7 Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt D Vivienne Marcheline
8 Danielle Spencer + Russell Crowe J Tennyson
9 Christina Aguilera + Matthew Rutler C Summer Rain
10 Olivia Wilde + Jason Sudeikis H Otis Alexander
11 Fergie + Josh Duhamel F Axl Jack
12 Jessica Simpson + Eric Johnson E Ace Knute
13 Kim Kardashian + Kanye West I North “Nori”
14 Megan Fox + Brian Austin Green G Bodhi Ransom


A cutting guide

Celebrity Baby Name Game free download cutting instructions on For the Love of George

For info on how you may use this free download, visit our Terms and Conditions page. Feel free to contact me via email, the contact page, or the comments form below if you have any questions. I would love to see you and your baby shower guests in action — upload an Instagram shot of your game, ping me @love_of_george and tag #madewithlove_of_george  :)

This post was originally published on 28th September 2011, updated in July 2015.

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65 replies on “Celebrity baby name game

  • Lauren

    Hi Jeanette,
    The answers to the celebrity baby name game are:
    1:A; 2:N; 3:L; 4:K; 5:M; 6:B; 7:D; 8:J; 9:C; 10:H; 11:F; 12:E; 13:I; 14:G.

  • Nicole

    Hi! This game looks so fun!! Is there away you can send me a copy of this game? There is a name error I would like to fix.

    Thank you!!

  • Lauren

    Hi Nicole,
    I’m so pleased you love this game! Thanks for the nudge — I’d been meaning to correct the misspelt ‘Orlando’ for ages. I’ve amended the error and uploaded new files for you to download and print. Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

  • Kelli

    Hi Lauren. Do you have a copy of this game that can be edited? I love the look but want to change some of the celebrities/baby names to some of my friend’s favorite ones. If not, I will use as is. It is very cute and matches our “weather” theme perfectly! :)

    Thanks, Kelli

  • Tara

    Hi – I am trying to download this baby shower game for my sister’s baby shower and it prints two on one page and one is cut off. Can you help? Maybe send me the file to my email address? I am new to interest lol! Thank you!

  • Elaina

    I’m writing an article about baby shower games for an online women’s magazine and would love to include an image and a link to your Celebrity Baby Names printable. Please email me if you’re interested. Thanks!

  • Lauren

    Hi Tara, I’ve just sent the PDF plus some instructions to your email address — good luck, and let me know if you need any further assistance! Cheers, Lauren

  • Lauren

    Hi Elaina, I would love for my baby shower game to be included in your article — I’ve just sent you an email. Thank you! Cheers, Lauren

  • Amy

    Love this game and the design looks so nice!!
    I tried to print it but it comes out looking all faded and not clear, any tips??
    Thanks :)

  • Lauren

    Hi Amy! When you download the file, do you get a PDF (opens in Acrobat Reader) with two playing cards to a page, or are you perhaps saving the low-resolution image? The image would print out a bit fuzzy… I’ll send the PDF to your email, just in case! Let me know if you have any further issues. Cheers, Lauren

  • Kristin

    This is adorable!! I am not able to download this either and would love to add this to the games we are playing today for a baby shower Im hosting! Could you please email this to me as well, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

  • Sherry

    Hi! Wow this is a great game! Thank You! I was gonna try and make my own with my theme but its not working well for me as far as the sizing. Do you mind send me the editable file so I can make it my own?

    Thank you in advance! Found you on Pinterest!

  • Didi Daily

    Love these ideas! You are so talented. I would also love the PDF because us Americans would not know who Cathy Freeman is :( I do but I am a T&F fan.
    Thanks so much! And thanks for Pinterest :) cheers!

  • Lauren

    Hi Didi Daily, Thanks for the tip! I have updated the design and removed the Aussie references, plus I’ve made a blank version in case you need it. Cheers, Lauren

  • Lauren

    Hi Sherry, I’ve made a blank version for you to download so that you can make your own! Let me know if you have any problems with the file. Cheers, Lauren

  • Lauren

    Hi Laura, 15 minutes is usually enough for people to jot down their answers, but consult the crowd — they may be too busy eating, drinking and giggling, and will need more time! x



  • Amy

    This game sounds perfect for my sister-in-law who is a movie buff! Could you e-mail me the blank format so I can type the names in of her favorite celebrities? thanks!

  • Lauren

    Hello all! Whilst I am happy to email the PDF’s, please be patient as there may be some delay in getting back to you. Alternatively, the bright and shiny links above are instantaneous (and much easier for both of us!). Enjoy!

  • Sara

    Hi Lauren,

    I tried to download the one where you can edit the celebrity baby names and for some reason I can’t seem to write in it. Can you please email me one that i can edit. I need it for a baby shower this weekend and would love to use this one! Thanks so much!

  • Lauren

    Hi Sara,

    I’m so pleased you love the baby name game!

    Unless you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat (not just the Reader), you won’t be able to add text to the PDF directly. One way around it, is to add the PDF to a Word document, then add text over the top. Does that make sense?

    Good luck, and let me know if you have any further questions.


  • Jen

    What font did you use for this? I love it! I already downloaded your game to use at my friend’s baby shower and would love to have matchy-matchy stuff for the other things I’m doing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Deb

    Would you be able to send me the celebrity baby name game in a pdf? Im not able download from the website. This game will be perfect for my BFF’s up coming baby shower!!

  • Lauren

    Hi Jen,I'm so pleased you love the game and you stopped to say hello! I would love to see what other designs you create :)The fonts I've used are Tire Shop Demo and Lauren Script (not designed by me, unfortunately!). You can download them for free at the below links.
    Tire Shop Demo
    Lauren Script
    Have fun!


  • Sara

    Will you please send to me as a PDF too? I can’t download either and would like to use it at my sister’s baby shower? Thanks for sharing!!

  • jessica

    would love to use for my sisters baby shower but I am unable to download can you please email a copy with a copy of answers :) thank you

  • Aimee Rosvall

    Hi there,
    Love this game also but when I download it it is only 1 per page and right in the middle. Is there anyway I get get it sent to my email with 2 per page?
    Thanks so much.

  • C

    Hi Lauren,

    I love this idea! Are you able to email a blank version please so I can edit the names to our British theme? Thank you!

  • Diana Brigman

    I am having trouble downloading the celebrity name game in the Tire Shop Demo font. Can you email it to me? You are the best btw for creating it and allowing us to download it for free! It’s so beautiful!

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