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Mama Bear softie on For the Love of George

Softie trial no.2 — Mama bear, from the book Softies (see previous entry, Polly). I was quite happy with the result of this cuddly ol’ gal — ears are a little wonky (adds to the charm!?), but I found the wool fabric quite difficult to get a smooth round edge. More practice required!

And no, this is not the sewing machine used to complete the task! This beautiful old Singer was my great-grandmother’s, still in the condition in which I inherited it several years ago. My grandparents were moving out of their large property in country Victoria, and this little gem was found in their shed, unloved for so long. I have sought instructions on how to bring it back to life, but also kind of like it the way it is — it reminds me of who it belonged to and where it came from. Sadly, developers snapped up their property, so it is no longer the peaceful & soulful place it had once been… but, I managed to make the drive up there to snap some pics before that sad day, and will share some of those with you soon…

Also, I must confess — I’m still learning the art of photographing my little subjects. Just one more skill to improve upon!

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