Pikelets! Pancakes?

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Pikelets (aka Drop Scones) recipe on For the Love of George

Well, my mum always used to call these pikelets. Not sure what the diff is between pikelets and pancakes, but this is a fool-proof recipe to golden brown deliciousness. I cook them so often that I no longer need to check my scribbled notes. It’s so easy peasy:

Put the following ingredients into a bowl (or I use a jug and a stick-mixer) in the order listed.


2 eggs
Pinch of salt
¼ cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 ½ cups sifted self-raising flour

Mix thoroughly, scraping down the sides and the blender to make sure you don’t have any flour pockets. Add a little extra milk if you think it’s too thick. The trick to getting the perfect pikelet is the temperature of your pan — medium heat, people! You want to make sure that the pikelet cooks through before your base gets too brown. I use a non-stick pan, so I don’t need to grease it, but you can use a brush of butter if you find yours sticking. Flip when a few of the little bubbles that have formed on the surface start to pop.

Serve with whatever your heart desires! If I’m feeling impatient, I’ll slap on a smearing of butter and eat right there at the stove top, but they are spectacular with a squeeze of lemon juice and sugar, or honey, or berries and ice-cream! Not to mention maple syrup, or jam and cream. Drool!

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3 replies on “Pikelets! Pancakes?

  • Claire

    To confuse things further, I would call those drop scones! Either way, good on you for making them, you must be going great guns with this crazy motherhood gig – anything beyond showering and getting dressed is impressive.

  • Lauren

    Ha! My mum’s hand-written recipe is titled ‘pikelets (drop scones)’ — but I’d never heard anyone else use that term before! I wonder where her recipe comes from… Oh believe me, my pursuits in the kitchen aren’t much more sophisticated than this. I give myself a pat on the back if I can manage to get one thing done each day. Sometimes washing my hair feels like a triumph! Gus is getting cuter with every post :) Have you started your mother’s group yet? Sometimes I am struck by the amazing-ness of it all — I am somebody’s mum! If I can be half as awesome as my mum, I’ll be satisfied :)

  • Melanie

    My understanding is pancakes are larger than pikelets and drop scones. But when I did a quick search, it might just be we use different names in different parts of the world. They look so delicious. I might steal that recipe next week for Shrove Tuesday.

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