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Twisted in the round cowl on For the Love of George

This is a little project that I kind of made by accident. You see, I wanted to make a scarf in the round (kind of like a big cowl-neck warmer) but had never done it before. Linda (co-worker and knitter extraordinaire) said it was easy, but frankly, I didn’t believe her. She also says knitting socks is easy and they look like an absolute mo-fo. So clearly, Linda = crazy.

Turns out it wasn’t hard. Yaye! Only thing I need to work out now, is how to ensure it doesn’t twist… one step at a time!

I also wanted to get a gauge for size — I’m not going to be working from a pattern, so wasn’t sure how many stitches to cast on. This little beauty has about 170. But I wasn’t planning on looping it over my head twice, so I think about half that and I should be good to go. On the bright side, I think this little cream number is a winner — perfect when you want a little extra warmth without too much bulk. I love a happy accident! And even better, it didn’t cost me anything — I had two balls of cream wool left over from a previous scarf! Do you remember how proud of myself I was when I knitted that scarf? :0) Nan was proud of me, too.

For the Love of George Round Scarf-1
For the Love of George Round Scarf-2

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