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Travels in Italy: Florence; on For the Love of George

Aaah, alas we are home from our whirlwind Italian tour. What an amazing time we had, and what spectacular things we’ve seen! Not to mention all the delicious food we’ve eaten… but oh, where to start?

I kept a little diary whilst there, so that I could recall where we visited and what we saw, though images are probably the best way to share that with you. A high proportion of my diary is a food journal (of course), and most of the entries go a little something like this: “Piazza Navona — best gelato EVER!” and “Bar Camplone @ Pescara — best gelato EVER!”. But now that the trip is over, I can objectively give you my top three.

1. Amorino — Via Fiori Chiari 9, Milano ?
I had the Amarena, which is a vanilla gelato with a thick cherry liqueur swirl and big cherry chunks, and the Cioccolato, of course. To. Die. For.

2. Bar Camplone — Corso Umberto 1, Pescara
I had Cioccolato and the sumptuous Bacio. The lady who served us didn’t speak any Inglese, but we were able to understand she thought my selection was ‘romantic’.

3. Gelateria Unknown — Piazza Navona, Roma
I unfortunately don’t have the name of the little cafe that we dined at, but I have heard that Piazza Navona is the place in Roma to go for gelati, and since there are many, just take your pick. I had a trio of flavours, selected by the waiter — from memory, they were Choc chip, Cioccolato and Hazelnut swirl. Delish!

Now that I’ve gotten the most important details out of the way…

Below is a quick run-down of our itinerary. Over the next couple of posts, I will share with you a small handful of pics, with the most memorable moments from each place. 

August 23-24: London (2 nights)
August 25-29: Rome (5 nights)
August 30 – September 03: Positano (5 nights)
September 04-05: Pescara (2 nights)
September 06-09: Florence (4 nights)
September 10-12: Monterosso, Cinque Terre (3 nights)
September 13-14: Venice (2 nights)
September 15-16: Milan (2 nights)

But before I get started with the nitty gritty, I will just say that the most memorable moments for me was emerging from the underground railway networks in London and Rome for the first time — wow. In London we popped up next to Trafalgar Square and in Rome, the Piazza di Spagna. They were both thrilling and overwhelming moments, senses in overdrive.

Despite having had the time of our lives and spending all our dimes, it is good to be home, surrounded by comforts and loved ones. I’ve learned that those in your heart are carried with you, no matter where in the world you are. xo

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