Pink little birdies quilt

On the 14th of last month, my family welcomed a new addition — my beautiful little niece, Tahlia Mae. From the first, we have all been absolutely besotted with this miniature human. I can’t help but marvel at the miracle of life when I cradle her in my arms.

To celebrate her arrival, I have made a little cot quilt, complete with soft pinks, floating flowers and chirruping birdies. This is the first piece that I’ve quilted using the free-motion foot on my new machine, and I’ve got to say it was quite a challenge. The weight of the fabric and batting makes it difficult to move freely — I even had hubby chipping in with a helping hand. I can see how a quilting frame would assist in this step of the process. But, one thing at a time! There is definitely room to improve, though I am really pleased with the end result.

I hope little Tahlia likes it — perhaps she will be moved to say her first word — ‘Ooon (I can’t expect her to master the ‘R’ just yet). It won’t be long before she can pronounce ‘I love you Auntie Roon’… and suddenly I’m picturing her going off to Uni. Awww.

Pink, yellow and brown birds quilt on For the Love of George

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