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Kids crochet beanie in progress on For the Love of George

Ok, so the plan was to take lots of photos to show you this beanie in progress, but it’s just so darn quick, I was half-way through before I knew it.

I’m pleased with how quickly I’m progressing, thanks to the 10-ply and 5mm crochet hook. Speaking of, have you tried the Clover Soft Touch hooks? A dream! I picked this one up over the weekend in the city (Melbourne), but since it’s quite a hike to get in there, I thought my local Spotlight would have them too. No such luck. If you’d like to try them, or have one/some and would like more, my research tells me that these following stores sell them (there are LOADS more online shops, if you can wait for your postie to deliver it):
Cleg’s – 60 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (yes, the website is woeful)
Morris & Sons – Level 1, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne (this shop is heavenly)
Wool Baa – 124 Bridport Street, Albert Park (lovely salespeople)

If only there was a shop out east who stocked them… if you know of one, pipe up!

This basic beanie is a free pattern from Ravelry. It uses US terminology, so beware Aussie crocheters. It looks a little like a basket so far, because all the increasing happens in the first five or so rows, but it looks like it will fit well when finished. And the start method was a little unusual — I have always begun by chaining and slip-stitching together to form a ring, and doing treble’s from there. This was different (download the pattern to see what I mean) and felt a little odd. I’m not sure I’ll make it again. I’m keen to try a Paton pattern that uses much more gradual increases to create a cone-y shape.

I’ll post more photos when I’m finished! (it shan’t be long!)

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