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Crochet tension square or tension trapezoid? on For the Love of George

Crochet Confession #1

I have never worked with yarn finer than 8-ply, or a hook slimmer than 4mm. Which leads me to my next confession…

Crochet Confession #2

I’ve never made a tension square before. I rarely work with patterns, and when I have, I’ve never bothered to test my tension. But since my next project requires 4-ply and a 3mm hook, and I ideally want it to fit when finished, I figured I better start.

Now, a question for all you seasoned crocheters out there: is a turning chain considered a-given when giving tension square instructions? Because my pattern book didn’t mention it, it simply said: “Row 2, (dc & sc) in first tr”… so what I discovered 12 rows later (my excuse is that I was watching telly at the same time), is that I had actually created a tension trapezoid and not a tension square. Whilst ‘tension trapezoid’ does have a nice ring to it, it was not my intention to decrease my stitches row by row. 

And for Crochet Confession #3

Tension-schmension. I crochet the way I crochet, and if that’s tighter or looser than the next granny, then so be it. I’ll just have to cross my fingers (but not while crocheting) and hope the finished garment fits.

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3 replies on “Crochet confessions

  • Ing

    I think your key issue Lauren is that you have gone between each treble rather than into the stitch at the top of the treble…. thereby creating your trapezoid…and it should actually say – I think – “dc and 1ch” (in lieu of 3 ch, which can also = 1tr) in first treble from hook….on the return row, the “1ch” atop the dc is where you would do the last tr in the row…

    Hope this does not confuse further.
    Good luck with your fitted confident, your sample piece is very evenly worked, you will romp it in!

  • Lauren

    Oh Ing, I was hoping you would read this post and give me advice! That does make sense, though I had no idea that’s what I was supposed to do… I’ll have to give it another go — instructions always make more sense with the hook in my hand!

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