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  This, ladies and gents, is my new toy. And when I say ‘toy’, I mean ‘monstrous and daunting new project’.  This beautiful hunk of cast iron is a Cropper Minerva, made by H.S Cropper & co., Nottingham, sometime around 1880. It was gifted to me by a very lovely and generous friend and ex-work colleague, who […]

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Using the same cute and gender neutral theme as my Celebrity Baby Name Game, ‘Guess baby’s birth stats’ is a new baby shower playing card design, available for free download below. You’re welcome!   How to use Login or Register. See sidebar or visit the ‘My Account’ page. Download. Click on the download link below. Print. The PDF file is optimised […]

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Perfect for your baby shower, the Celebrity Baby Name Game playing cards are available for free download below. A 2015 design with new celebrity couples and their baby names is now available! Guess Baby’s Birth Stats free printable is also available in the same style.   How to use Login or Register. See sidebar or visit […]

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How to make a plus quilt Login or Register. See sidebar or visit the ‘My Account’ page. Download tutorial PDF. Click on the download link below. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here. Select your pattern. The tutorial contains two sizes and three Plus quilt pattern styles: A random layout using 9 […]

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This cake reminds me of my Nan. I don't know if it's a recipe she made frequently, or if it was just truly memorable when she did! Good ol' fashioned country cooking. This recipe is ideal for a round 20cm diameter cake tin. I used a 24cm tin and multiplied the ingredients by 1.66 (because to double it I needed 6 eggs and I only had 5) — but since it doesn't multiply neatly, I'll just give you the quantities for a 20cm tin.